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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Uniform & The Body - Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back

Man - the last Uniform & The Body collab - Mental Wounds Not Healing - left me blown the fuck away. This next offering in the series, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back stands as an even more terrifying artistic statement. The pain they communicate and breadth of their madness is almost mind melting. The colossal digital drum sounds that define the opening track 'Gallows In Heaven' build up an intense sense of dread that is only exacerbated by the overall intensity of the music. This is some terrifying avant garde horror.

The sonic assault that is Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back seems to only grow in scope with each passing track. As the band comes to the stunning conclusion that is 'Contempt' you get the sense that you have been taken on a journey and in some ways gone full circle. This is perhaps my favorite aspect of this type of music - the sense of completeness you can get after taking the full and unadulterated plunge. Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back is a journey in unorthodox melodies and devastating industrial soundscapes coming together in a post-everything format to melt your skull.

Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back is a devastating sonic journey and the steps the bands take in their collaboration seem destined to make you gnaw at your sanity. I love this sort of depraved industrial music that leaves you questioning your very reality. In some ways it feels like the most honest music out their. With massive sonic horrors reminiscent of acts like Merzbow but with enough nods to the core sounds of both Uniform and The Body this record stands as a fitting addition to both groups catalogs.

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