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Friday, August 2, 2019

Evil (Japan) / Siege Column - Split 7"

So for those in the know, Evil from Japan and Siege Column are two of the best bands in the extreme underground. They compliment each other nicely, with Evil's brutarian take on the genre forming an elegant counterbalance to the twisted and stripped down ululations of Siege Column. Their balls out assault and oppressive sonic atmospheres come together to ensure that this split is one for the ages, the sort of thing that Nuclear War Now is uniquely suited at putting together and crafting to crack listeners skulls.

I think what gets me about this record is the sort of contrast between the two bands. Evil kick off the split with something that is much more massive and brooding sounding. The third track, 羅刹天 Rasetsuten, sounds especially massive when you dig in. It's a fitting counterpoint to the reductionist blare that is Siege Columns balls out assault. It's this sort of mixture that makes extreme metal such a compelling genre to me, you can go two totally different ways with it but still have it make complete sense to the listener. This split seven inch evidences the strengths of both bands approaches but doesn't force you to choose between one or the other.

Point being - this maybe a mere seven inch, but like many seven inches in this genre it has high replayability and makes for compelling listening. I sort of love being able to really sink your teeth into all that Evil and Siege Column are about in this fairly limited format. Extreme seven inches are addictive to say the least, especially when blessed with smatterings of other genres. This is a split for the ages and certainly one that I never really expected to hear. Nuclear War Now have knocked it out of the park once again!

Pre-order and listen to the record on Bandcamp!

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