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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The World Without Us - Incarnate

We are far removed from the prog boom of the early 2010's. That being said - there are still a lot of interesting things being done in the genre by musicians out there who have outsized talent and incredible passion. Such is the case of The World Without Us, one of the most skilled prog metal acts I have heard come out of PA in a good long while. While their initial EP does certainly see them wrestling with a few growing pains, this is a fun listen that seems ready to take the bands music to a whole new level.

Incarnate is fascinating in its ability to meld ideas. While the general approach is distinctly proggy there are moments of nu metal and even classic rock ideas being brought to the fore. Meanwhile the sheer chops showcased on a track like Things To Tell The Press are stunning. The sheer level of execution that they bring is impressive. This being said - not all the production choices are what they could be, I'd love to hear a fuller rhythm section and perhaps a more balanced mix on future releases. The groovy magic of these tracks is surprisingly well delivered for a first release though, and pit starters like I Am The Mist certainly bring the circle pit inspiring madness.

The World Without Us have put together a tasty 4 song EP here that nicely documents what they are about and where they can take their music in the next few months and years. With excellent vocal delivery and top notch guitar work Incarnate proves that the band has a boatload of talent. Their generally strong songwriting sees a nice blend of cleans and growls with clear song structures. It means that when it comes down to it, Incarnate is a compelling listen, a record worth multiple spins for any prog fan.

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