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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Mother's Tomb - Absent Not Dead

Man this is a fun one. Hard hitting thrash metal from Atlanta, Mother's Tomb unleash raw fury on Absent Not Dead. This is a masterful release with intense musical colors and a sense of brutality that is rarely  matched in the scene. Another great release off of one of my favorite up and coming death metal labels, Redefining Darkness Records, Absent Not Dead shines as another development on the death metal mythos, a testament to how powerful this music can be and all that it has evolved into over the years. 

Mother's Tomb fascinate because of their wonderful sense of the fun of heavy metal .There is an anthemic power to these songs and they speak to a band full of raw rock fury. One highlight that especially stands out is the guitar solo in the title track, Absent Not Dead. It's rare you hear someone really shred like that these days, but it certainly put a smile on my face. Meanwhile, there is a certain charm to the raw bombast embraced in an offering like Slaughtering Innocence. So sure, Mother's Tomb may only have three real songs on offer here, but every single one is a banger you want to come back too time and time again. 

Right now I'm on my fourth or fifth listen of the EP. I kind of love things that are this short simply because it means they become addictive. It's like eating potato chips, you can't just have one listen. Absent Not Dead is an articulate and very fun opening salvo from these Atlanta thrash freaks. The touches of death metal and shred that accentuate a balls out assault mean that this is one of the more compelling records of the year. Suffice it to say, Redefining Darkness Records have knocked it out of the park once more. 

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