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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Gurt - Bongs Of Praise

Now this is a fun one. I may not partake in the reefer but I can certainly enjoy a record that is bathed in it. Such is the magic of Bongs Of Praise, the latest from Gurt. This is an absolutely monumental undertaking, an album that is not only transcendent in its marijuana infused glory, but one which seems to continually push the band to new and weirder heights. Full of burly riffs and thrilling sonic changes, Bongs Of Praise is a masterfully put together stoner metal opus that will keep our bearded brethren coming back for more.

There is something mesmerizing and strangely addictive about these songs. Tracks like The Joint Of No Return perfect encapsulate the magic of stoner humor and seem to build on the tropes that have made this genre so fun in the first place. In a scene where stoner rock bands increasingly take themselves too seriously, it's strangely rewarding to find a band who want to just light a jay with their friends and shoot the shit about other times they got high. Sure it might be a bit depraved or even navel gazing, but when the record is called 'Bongs of Praise' and the album art has an organ made out of bongs spewing pot smoke what do you expect?

Gurt have come out once again to prove that they are among the best and the dankest in the global stoner rock scene. Bongs Of Praise is a delightful listen that builds on traditional stoner rock tropes. While it might not stun the listener it certainly is going to remain in regular rotation for those of us who enjoy the heavy stuff. This is an album that perfectly understands its target market, and if you can't get behind some Mary Jane inspired riffage with twisted vocals laying on top, I don't know if stoner metal is for you!

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