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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Ignivomous - Hieroglossia

Man, this is a monster of a record. Hieroglossia is a masterful release from death metal blood drinkers Ignivomous. Full of caveman riffs, massive guitar tones and unrelenting blasts, Ignivomous crack skulls on this album. It's a record that nicely balances more esoteric sides of the genre with purely ignorant riffs that will suffocate the listener in sheer volume. It's the unrelenting sonic assault of a track like Blood And Mercury that makes the bands sense of perpetual slaughter all the more delectable.

There is something wonderfully primal about htis album. It gets right to the heart and soul of the death metal genre. Sure there may not be worship of the 'Florida sound' nor is the Swededeath worship to obvious Instead what differentiates this band is their dedication to an unforgiving aural attack. The crushing assault is over the top and mesmerizing. The fact that the tracks frequently bleed over the five minute mark is actually a bonus in this case. It means that the listener can get completely immersed in each musical idea. Toss in a few flashy solos and you have yourself a bucking bronco of an album.

Three albums into their career and Ignivomous is starting to really make a mark. These pessimistic Australians seem determined to drag you with them to the land Down Under. It's easy to get lost in the hellish soundscapes presented here. Hieroglossia is an album that demands multiple listens, simply because there is so goddamn much to unpack time and time again. This is compelling listening from a group who have unrepentantly grabbed the death metal world by the throat. What more could you ask from this frozen water burial?

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