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Friday, October 11, 2019

The Last Reign - Prelude

It's been  a while since I have heard a melodic death metal band who really caught m attention. It feels like the guys who worship In Flames and At The Gates the way that I do have largely all moved on to writing metalcore. It's refreshing then to hear a band like The Last Reign who not only make a point of crafting tight melodeath, but they even throw in an In Flames cover for good measure. While their debut release, Prelude may be only three tracks long, it's a lot of fun to listen too and indicative of the talent that The Last Reign bring to the table.

Though the band certainly kick down the door with album opener Denoument with its blasting aggression, they prove that they are capable of much more. The guitar tone and vocal style is very much pulling from the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene. However - the fact that they cover the classic, Only For The Weak means that they are self aware about it. Prelude is thus an interesting little taste at what's to come from the band. It shows a group with a strong melodic sensibility and the understanding of what it takes to write some high quality melodic death metal songs that will entrance the listener.

There is a lot of raw energy here and carefully curated potential. Prelude suggests that this is a group who understand the magic of melodeath and who want to unleash no end of old school magic. It's rare you find a US based band with this sort of sensibility, but that's also a huge part of what makes Prelude so enjoyable. The Last Reign have a clear understanding of the type of music they are trying to craft and their execution is excellent. I am very excited to see where they take this whole thing next.

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