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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Warsenal - Feast Your Eyes

Can anyone say, 'sick album art?' because hot damn, this is some sick album art! Warsenal bring the rage on Feast Your Eyes reminding us that Canadian thrash is still as virile and over the top as ever. This is a fun, powerful and stripped down thrash metal record that wants nothing to do with your pizza thrash. Instead, Warsenal deal in vicious riffs and hard hitting vocals that take just as much from Possessed as they do Voivod. It makes for a fun listen that goes consistently and unrepentantly  straight for the throat.

I think what gets me about this record is how on tracks like 'Feast Your Eyes' the band essentially embraces a heavier take on Voivod. This is complimented by the acrobatic solos that define tracks like 'Burning Ships.' Toss in a healthy dose of 'Ugh's,' and 'Yeah's' and you start to get a sense for what Warsenal is all about. This is a smart, flashy and compelling thrash metal band who consistently push their brand of bloodthirsty magic over the top. Feast Your Eyes is a beast to pick apart and one which keeps on giving.

There are a lot of nifty layers to this record. While it avoids being as out and out weird as their hometown Montreal thrash scene is traditionally known for, they do a great job of keeping the listener off balance. It's rare that you find a thrash record from a young band that is so eager to buck convention, but here we are. Feast Your Eyes is proof that Warsenal get it and have what it takes to not only mark themselves as different from the pack, but are capable of beating the listener over the head time and time again.

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