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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Ulfarr - Hate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure Evil

Man - this is one is hopping mad and spitting bile. Hate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure Evil, is the debut album from Ulfarr. After eight years of crafting bleak black metal on splits and demos, this album sees the band coming together with a clear vision of misery. Ulfarr are one of the UK's great metal hopes playing what they have billed as 'Cumbrian Black Metal.' The sense of despair communicated with their music is fascinating and the unapologetic assault is one that will entrance devout fans of the genre.

I think what gets me about Hate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure Evil is how wonderfully uncompromising it is. The band even eschews song titles, instead choosing to name the tracks Parts I-VI. This is the sort of black metal that is meant to be indulged in alone. There is a sense of isolation here that makes for compelling listening. Ulfarr understand the wonderfully miserable nature of the genre and seem dedicated to building on the legacy of their second wave of black metal forebears. There is a clear love for bands like Darkthrone or even One Tail One Head pulsating through the music. The monochromatic soundscapes are reminiscent of Craft and seem to continually drive the listener towards greater depravities.

Hate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure Evil is a masterful work and one that certainly merits being eight years int he making. Every 'blech' is perfectly placed. Each riff is clearly well thought out. The songs don't drag on, they have a clear intensity that is maintained throughout. Even the more outside the box packages (And there aren't many) do a good job of staying true to the overall vision. Ulfarr aren't reinventing the wheel on this record, but they are creating some damn good black metal that stands the test of time.

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