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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Blessed Black - Beyond The Crimson Throne

Doom metal is a tricky genre just because the market is so oversaturated. It's hard sometimes to eagerly look into a new doom release because you don't know if you are going to be fed more of the same. However when I saw this promo come in featuring members of War Curse I knew that I was in for something special. Blessed black are a truly excellent doom metal band who have emerged from Cincinnati to unleash the masterful, Beyond The Crimson Throne an immaculate and wonderfully executed debut.

This is a record that leans heavily on the melodic driving sensibilities of bands like Khemmis or The Sword. There is - to be fair - also a fair amount of Mastodon in the mix. Toss in a few fun Thin Lizzy inspired shredders and you start to get a sense for just what Blessed Black are up too. Beyond The Crimson Throne is masterful with the production shining and every song clearly honed to perfection. While there certainly are a few moments that could be cut, the band is on their first record and still is developing their sound. As is this is a record that will mesmerize and encourage the listener to dive in for multiple listens.

What sets Beyond The Crimson Throne apart is the overarching melodic sensibility. Blessed Black execute at an extremely high level throughout this record and much of that is thanks to their deep understanding of heavy music. With top tier execution throughout it's hard for any devout fan of the heavy stuff to NOT fall in love. I'm curious to see where this band goes next because right now they clearly have the deep understanding, awesome melodies and clear vision it takes to dominate the doom metal world.

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