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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cianide - Unhumanized

Can you say, 'Monster fucking riffs'? Cianide certainly can. This is a band who have a deep understanding of death metal as a genre, after all, they've been at it for 30 years. This latest offering on the legendary Hells Headbangers is brutal and unrelenting, five tracks of pure death metal fury with infinite replayability. Their crushing bottom end and dedication to raw violence is fascinating. Unhumanized is an absolute beast of a record that has the potential to kick off circle pits around the globe.

I think what gets me about this record is the sheer dedication to brutality. The skull crushing madness of a track like Traitors is thrilling and is a testament to how well the bands core sound has aged. Yes - the core ideas here are primitive, but one look at the album art will tell you not to expect high concept black metal from some exotic European country. Instead what Unhumanized lays out is around a half hour of bloodthirsty fun where the band jumps from peak to peak and encourages you to start a pit in your bedroom. This is demented and heavy metal madness at its finest, set to explode at the touch of a button.

Though they haven't released a new full length since 2011, this EP, plus the bands excellent 2017 split with Nekrofilth should be more than enough to sate your bloodthirst. So Cianide are not exactly developing entire new sounds here nor are they claiming too. What they do well though is distill the magic of old school death metal and use thirty plus years of experience to grind you into the ground. This is twisted and fucked up metal madness and if you can't dig it then you might as well leave the hall!

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