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Monday, December 9, 2019

Krosis - A Memoir Of Free Will

Proggy and technical deathcore is a style that has very much fallen out of favor in recent years - however there are still a few devout practitioners. A Memoir Of Free Will proves that Krosis remain among the best to do it. Their high energy sound full of all sorts of hard hitting twists and turns is a testament to just how good this band is. Be it in the meedly riffing of a track like Insanity: A Moniker Of Me or the crushing breakdowns that pepper the record, Krosis routinely show their sonic madness come to life.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the shredding mayhem of this record. It's an album that routinely stuns the listener with just how talented the guys in Krosis are. Even their jazzy bridge passages tend to have a moment or two that will stun the listener. As a part of this the production is, as a rule top notch. Every instrument is given its moment in the  sun and even the drums, thouhg at times they sound a bit too perfect, seem to fit nicely into the overall mix. There is a sense of discipline here that really rewards multiple listens, as if the band wants you to really grasp just how much they put into this project.

Getting lost in these grooves and overpowering barrages of notes is a rare treat. Krosis seem eager to one up the listener with sheer skill and songwriting prowess. It's important to note that while this is definitely a band who shred your face off - Krosis place more of a focus on the song structures themselves than many of their peers. A Memoir Of Free Will is a strong step forward for the band and seems to continually prove that there is a lot to this group and that they have countless great albums ahead of them.

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