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Friday, December 20, 2019

Suum - Cryptomass

I'm a big fan of Seeing Red Records - they do things right. They have a strong roster of acts and seem eager to keep pushing boundaries. Their latest offering, Suum's Cryptomass due out February 14th is just north of fifty minutes of trad doom in the style of Candlemass or Trouble. With histrionics and bombast throughout, this is a fun listen and a record that continually points towards the sense of transcendence that the group are seeking to create. While it certainly has its limitations, doom fans across the world will revel in what has been put on offer here.

This is a record that touches several sides of the trad doom spectrum. A particular highlight is the medieval accented acoustic bridge 'Mass In The Catacomb'. The guitar tone throughout the album is flawless and was clearly a point of focus for the band. The main drawback I find here is that the songs have a tendency to dra and the record is honestly about fifteen minutes too long. That being said, the individual ideas are great and the musicians are clearly very talented. Watching them hone their talent as they move on though is going to be essential if they really want to take it to the next level.

Still - there is a lot to love about this record. Who wouldn't be entranced by the massive riff on 'Reaper Looks In Your Eyes' for instance? The band clearly know what they are doing and that bass tone is filthy. Cryptomass is a potent offering that continually shows Suum have more than a few tricks up their collective sleeve. Definitely a record doom fans will dork out over, I also tend to think that this is a band who have the potential to refine their music and become modern day trad metal greats.

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