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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Victorius - Space Ninjas From Hell

Victorius are playing that unique brand of German Dragonforce worship that just works for some reason. Yes it's incredibly corny and over the top, and yes this record is in fact about space ninjas, but that's kind of why I love it. There is something to be said for the sheer silliness of this band and the raw energy they bring. Their high powered shred assault is a blast to listen to and a frequent reminder as to why so many have fallen in love with power metal in the thirty odd years since the genres glorious inception.

All the core elements are here from tapping solos to big choruses. The synths provide excellent padding and the angular playing on a track like 'Wrath Of The Dragongod' speaks to the technical proficiency of the band. The band understand how to craft masterful cresendoes that culminate in bombastic cries. The universe the record takes place in is one of space faring ninjas on a twisted mission. This is of course a little bit silly but one can definitely not accuse Victorius of false advertising. It's hard to find a record that so nicely speaks to the raw fun of power metal, but Victorius seem eager to please.

Energetic, joyful and unrelenting, Victorius unleash pure sonic mayhem as they dance from peak to peak on Space Ninjas From Hell. While this might not be an intellectual metal masterpiece, it is a blast to listen too and a fitting contribution to the power metal canon of the 2020s. It may be the logical continuation of the work of bands like Dragonforce, but it also could point at something else, where power metal becomes even sillier and more over the top. Regardless, this is a fun listen and one you won't soon forget.

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