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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Abhomine - Proselyte Parasite Plague

This is a rage. Coming from the combined forces of two of my favorite labels, Hells Headbangers and Osmose Productions is Proselyte Parasite Plague, the latest abomination from Abhomine. The unique breed of blackened death metal presented here is raw and vicious, featuring politically charged lyrics and chainsaw guitars this is a vicious offering that seems to only compound in its insanity. Proselyte Parasite Plague is a depraved offering and one that will only foster obsession for underground devotees.

It's easy to get swept up in the spine tingling madness of Proselyte Parasite Plague. This is after all a record that deals in raw brutality. The guitars are messy and vicious, the execution vile and the overall delivery wonderfully fucked up. It's hard not to be enamored with the demented illustrations here, it nicely reflects the classic extreme metal aesthetic and frequently seems to be pushing for greater levels of depravity - just the way you like it. The dungeon level production though is offset by some great songwriting and an overarching sense of underground mayhem that makes for an addictive listen.

The punchy guitars that add a sense of drama to a track like 'Infidel And Unclean' are delicious and nicely hint at the madness the band is really starting to get at. This is a record that drags you down with the ship, gnawing at your sanity and grasping for your throat. Chock full of delicious 'Blechs' and all manner of sonic punishment, Proselyte Parasite Plague may not break new ground, but it certainly is a worth addition to the canon of the labels collaborating in putting out this wonderfully devilish release.

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