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Friday, January 10, 2020

Defiled - Infinite Regress

Do you like motherfucking tech death? Defiled have always been among the best in the world at this most extreme of musical genres. The bands mind melting assaults have always been one of a kind, and Infinite Regress is simply the next step for the bloodthirsty Japanese madmen. The angular playing and pummelling drums crack skulls and routinely remind the listener that we are all going to die. Painfully. Infinite Regress is a masterful offering, a record that routinely proves that Defiled are among the best to ever do it.

The record does not really delve into the more 'meedly' portions of the tech death sphere, what Defiled focus more on tight and oftentimes jaw dropping riffs accompanied by off kilter melodies. The oh so precise insanity of a track like 'Tragedy' can't help but to be addictive. Infinite Regress sees Defiled caroming across their fretboards and dancing around all sorts of unique rhythms. Special attention should be paid to the drums which not only reflect brilliant technical skill but which are excellently produced. They provide a stunning backdrop to the record and ensure that the entire thing is able to stay together.

Infinite Regress is a stone cold stunner any way you slice it. Defiled are the best in the business, they have an unexpected way of writing songs and it continually pays off. This is the sort of record that stands as a representation of all the band has been working on for years now. A veritable tour de force Infinite Regress is bristling with energy, technical ecstasy and nary a dull moment. If you want to dive into the pit - Defiled got you covered, if you want to be wowed at shredding, this is your band. So get ready to get your face melted the fuck off.

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