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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Thy Catafalque - Naiv

Thy Catafalque have, for years now, been working on a reasonable claim as the most interesting band in Hungary. The band have a unique and clear artistic vision. Their approach is disciplined and endlessly fascinating. The kaleidoscope of sounds that they bring together on Naiv is stunning and makes this easily their most ambitious work to date. The way that Thy Catafalque seamlessly blend whole different tone worlds is thrilling and speaks to just how much the band are able to bring to the table.

Featuring a wide variety of guests Naiv revels in its multicolored soundscapes. What's fascinating is that, as much as this record is a unique entity with all its twists and turns it makes sense as a whole. There is, somehow, a red thread that keeps the entire thing together. Despite the fact that Thy Catafalque are clearly just as excited about exploring electronic music as they are jazz or more extreme metal, the overall flavor of the record remains clear. A lot of this is helped by stellar production. The brilliance of the mix is really showcased in a track like 'Naput' which eagerly melds ideas into something beautiful and poetic.

Full of distinct takes and beautiful sound worlds, Naiv is an unmatchable success. What other band would be able to implement the Slayer-esque riffage of a track like Veto with the ambient keys of
 'Embersólyomor' the mind bending psychedelic electronica of 'A valóság kazamatái'? Yet it all works together to be unleashed as something poetic and one of a kind. Naiv is a masterful effort and one that elegantly leaps from peak to peak. Thy Catafalque are clearly turned onto something deeper and it is very much worth sinking in your teeth!

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