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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Earthshatter - 1135

Metalcore is interesting to me because there's essentially two different types of music that refer to themselves as metalcore. On the one hand you have the pop inspired work of bands like Asking Alexandria or A Day To Remember. On the other hand you have skronkier and more abrasive bands who are much more focused on the blend of hardcore and metal. I'm talking about bands like Every Time I Die or Varials. Yet from what I understand - no one has ever attempted to fuse these style of metalcore - until Earthshatter.

Earthshatter do a great job of fusing the new wave of hardcore of bands like Knocked Loose or Varials with the more straight ahead poppy metalcore of some of their musical ancestors. The end result is a surprisingly fun EP that shows a breadth of musical knowledge and has replayability. The way the band flawlessly moves from almost blackened hardcore into potent pop punk vocals on a track like "W.T.M" makes the band almost seem like a parody of themselves, but that's whats makes the music so goddamn compelling. Who else can counterbalance crushing breakdowns like these with moments worth of Killswitch Engage?

So yes - this is a band who have found a way to balance the vile and most devilish moments of the genre with some of its most lighthearted and portray a clear passion for both. There are moments you can two-step too and there are moments where the band is clearly more focused on making you crack skulls. This is all made possible through top notch production and a weird adulation for everything from Earth Crisis to Fall Out Boy (Seriously, listen to the track "Spit") It's a unique sound and one I can't get enough of.

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