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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Chrome Ghost - The Diving Bell

This is a masterful one. The latest from PNW doomsters Chrome Ghost is a truly top notch metal record, an album that dances from peak to peak with its transcendent sludgy poetry. The band sits somewhere between post metal and sludge, crafting emotionally and sonically heavy tunes that pull at the heartstrings. The Diving Bell is a poetic assault on the senses, highly refined and something that you can get completely lost in. The melodic sensibilities the band showcases are top notch and their sense of songwriting truly excellent.

The longer form tracks on The Diving Bell are impressive because they never seem to lose momentum. As opposed to many of their peers, Chrome Ghost are able to craft long tracks that actually mean something and aren't just long for the sake of being long. Similarly nothing here is heavy for the sake of being heavy - instead it feels like everything has been precisely calculated, refined and executed on a truly excellent level. The Diving Bell is a tour de force for the band and a constant reminder of why the Pacific Northwest's metal scene is often viewed as one of the best in the world.

Gorgeously produced and the sort of thing that doom fans are going to come back too time and time again, The Diving Bell speaks to the strength of this scene. While none of the ideas within are especially groundbreaking, Chrome Ghost excel at refining the genres tropes into a sound that is wholly their own and which makes for consistently engaging listening. At the end of the day - what more could you want? In a bloated and crowded genre, Chrome Ghost prove with every moment of this record that they are among the best.

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