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Friday, February 7, 2020

Sons Of Disaster - Cursed

Regular readers know that I have a soft spot for party rock. The Belgians in Sons Of Disaster execute on this type of music unusually well bringing high powered anthems that will force your body to shake rattle and roll. The tight riffing and punk rock vocal delivery is addictive and speaks to just what makes the band so engaging. Cursed is a masterful offering in that it continually pushes the listener to rage harder, drink more and go ever further over the top - when it comes down to it what more could you want from a rock record?

Cursed is a fairly stripped down offering, the production isn't a focal point for the band. Instead what they peddle in is four on the floor beats and soaring pentatonic solos dancing over top of punchy power chords. There is a manic energy to the band that at times feels almost reminiscent of riff rockers like Valient Thorr. The neverending party that the band bring here is a treat and it seems to inspire listeners to take a load off and enjoy the magic that only heavy rock can bring. Cursed is a banger just because of the sheer sense of fun that the band bring, that anything is possible and it'll al work out if you just slam one more beer.

So yes - this isn't an innovative or groundbreaking record. What it is, is a balls to the wall hard rock record that any long time fan of the genre is going to find something to love about. Cursed is a really fun listen. Not world breaking, but truly enjoyable. Listening to the band boogie their way through a track like 'Frites, Putes, Baggares' (Translated to: Fries, Whores, Fights) lends a sense that anything is possible if we just shake, rattle and roll. Sons Of Disaster truly get it and Cursed is a potent salvo from these Belgian boys.

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  1. Thanx !! Come see us at our release show 20th of March ;-)

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