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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Pure Wrath - The Forlorn Soldier

Man it's been a while since I've heard a proper 10 inch - but here we are. The Forlorn Soldier is the latest from Indonesian symphonic black metallers Pure Wrath. A nearly half hour long journey looking into Indonesian genocides in the 60's this is a troubling and dark release that speaks, not only to the nations dark history, but also the rising force of the countries underground. The Forlorn Soldier is a potent offering, a record that routinely ups the ante and reminds us of the consequences of forgetting our past.

The Forlorn Soldier is an impressive release, thoroughly thought out and wonderfully in depth in its execution. There is a simple elegance to what the band is doing here and its counterbalanced by bombastic and truly next level compositions. While nothing here is necessarily reinventing the steel, what Pure Wrath do manage to do is execute some top notch black metal that will leave the listener grasping at their sanity and staring deep into the void of mankinds creation. This isn't a fun listen, but it's an important one and a record that is going to force listeners to dig into their own internal suffering and own past mistakes.

Musically this record is excellent. There aren't too many unexpected moments but the production is top notch and the clean vocals that define the outro of 'Children Of The Homeland' are truly next level. It's an easy record to lose yourself in and a record that seems to consistently drive listeners to deeper levels of introspection. This is an interesting record, one that reaffirms for me that Debemur Morti is among the best black metal labels in the world and one that will make devoted listeners dig once more into Indonesias vast underground...

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