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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Get in here for 'God's Grace' - the new track from Askvader!

A band whose name translates to 'Thunderstorm' Askvader are positively electrifying! Their high powered rock and roll sound is a blast to listen too and reflects the simple beauty of this music in its purest form. Their label, The Sign, has specialized in top notch hard rock for years now, and Askvader are one of the shining jewels in their crown.

The highlight on this new track, 'God's Grace' of course is the massive chorus, guiding us towards a mythic golden shore as we search for insight. It is our honor to get to premier this for you - after all - with anthemic vocals, punchy riffs and bitchin guitars, what more could you want out of a rock and roll song?

Jam it here:

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