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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sivyj Yar - Горе / Grief

Горе / Grief is an exploration of the power of Russian culture. Inspired by poets from Russia's lauded silver age and drawing from the influence that paganism had on Russian peasants, this is a wonderfully deep listen that will leave listeners in awe. A return to form from a project who at one point released new material with unfailing regularity, Горе / Grief is a masterful offering that speaks to the power of the current wave of black metal. Intellectualized and endlessly interesting, Горе / Grief is a black metal record worth many a repeat listen.

This is the sort of record that seamlessly fuses rich melodies with blasting rhythm sections, dark sonic explorations with transcendent choruses and thrives on an overarching sense of blissful atavism. The production on Горе / Grief is truly excellent, speaking to the bands ability to craft potent soundscapes. When tracks like "Пустошь (Wasteland)" reach their most melodic and emotionally ripe moments it becomes clear that Sivyj Yar are turned onto something deeper. Their unique ability to claw at the heartstrings is beautiful and speaks to a band who are going to continually keep improving no matter what.

An album that you can really spend time with and get lost in,  Горе / Grief is yet another top notch offering from one of my favorite black metal labels in the game today. The tormented cries that shine on top of truly visionary guitar work are plaintive and desperate, speaking to the very honest heart of black metal. A wonderfully personal record and one that seems just as interested in individuals history as it is a cultures, Горе / Grief manages to impress throughout and leaves me curious for where Sivyj Yar is headed next. 

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