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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Today Is The Day - No Good To Anyone

It's been six years since the last Today Is The Day record. Casual fans could be forgiven for thinking the project had reached its natural conclusion. Yet fortunately that was not the case. Steve Austin's long running avant-metal project has returned once more with No Good To Anyone. After years of wrestling with surgeries and disease, Steve Austin is back once more to unleash punishing sonic explorations that leave the listener gasping for are and in awe of the artistic dominance that Today Is The Day bring with their music.

The breadth of sounds offered here is impressive and deeply fascinating. While many of the ideas stay true to the projects core ideas, Today Is the Day has never shied from experimentation. The noise rock moments remain vibrant and fun (The outro of 'Mercy' being a standout example). Meanwhile the record takes us to some of the darkest emotional places we've seen the group go. This is clearly a release borne out of strife, an artist trying to create even as his body is betraying him. The production here is, as a rule gorgeous. There is an unmatchable warmth to the guitar tones in particular that make for compelling listening.

No Good To Anyone is oftentimes a challenging listen and one that relies on layers upon layers. But that's exactly what makes it so appealing. Today Is The Day have proven once more that they are one of a kind, true masters of the genre and a group who are worth coming back too, time and time again even after a six year hiatus. Hopefully this indicates the beginning of a new creative period for the band. This record is bristling with ideas and I'm extremely curious to see what their next step ends up being!

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