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Monday, February 10, 2020

Thy Dying Light - S/T

Ah - good old second wave of black metal! Thy Dying Light is a wonderfully wicked project out of the UK. The bands take on second wave black metal is fairly traditional, but as their self titled offering shows - they are damn good at it. Thy Dying Light is a masterful offering through and through that shows a deep understanding of the apex of the genre and while it may not be moving the needle at all it is certainly something that fans of Darkthrone and Gorgoroth - say what you will - but Thy Dying Light know what they like.

The swagger that the band bring to the table on this record is palpable. Thy Dying Light not only masterfully navigates the darker sides of the genre though, it also eagerly showcases what the guys are truly capable of. After literally a dozen compilations, EP's and demos since 2016 it's really refreshing to hear Thy Dying Light going for it on a full length. The label home they chose - Purity Through Fire is a perfect choice too. They have been curating some great stuff for a long time now. As you delve into the bitter magic of a track like 'Cold In Death' it becomesclear, these guys are very much the real deal.

With members who have done time in Nefarious Dusk, Ulfarr and Arcane North among others it should come as no surprise that they REALLY know how to write black metal. Thy Dying Light is a potent release that fans of the more traditional side of the genre will like. With decent production and hard hitting songs, the band continually manage to prove to fans that they are a fitting continuation on the genre. Pumelling in their assault and unrelenting in their sonic vision, this is a next level black metal act diving into 2020 with aplomb.

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