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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

To Conceal The Horns - Purist

Purity Through Fire is rapidly becoming one of my favorite black metal labels in the world. Purist, the latest from To Conceal The Horns is yet another great addition to their catalog. The band does a fantastic job of unveiling all manner of black metal poetry on this record, To Conceal The Horns impress through and through. Masterminded by Vexd, formerly of Ghost Brigade, it quickly becomes clear that Purist is a potent next step. Full of dark atmospheres and excellent production, it's a record you can get lost in.

I think the record starts to really entrance around the second track, Realm of Averiandur where melancholic guitar melodies sit nicely behind a roaring rhythm section. It speaks to the bands ability to conjure up some truly mystical sounds. Purist is a masterful offering because of the atmospheres it so effortlessly evokes. It's a record that captures the imagination with its day to day execution and seems to continually remind listeners that there is so much more despair to this life that we are all missing out on. A truly bleak record, To Conceal The Horns have crafted something that will tear at your sanity.

It's a rare pleasure to get lost in the blitz of a track like 'Wanderer In Time'. While there are certainly more than a few second wave black metal elements, Purist offers more than just that. This is a record that has hints at symphonic black metal and clearly reflects Vexd's interest in more recent trends in the genre. Though hardly a pretty record it is one that borders on transcendence, as if as we stare into the pit we get ever closer to the maddening and twisted unrealities that the band seems so ready to present.

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