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Friday, March 20, 2020

Shitfucker - Sex With Dead Body

With a band name and album title like this you certainly know what you're in for! Shitfucker are a hell of a lot of fun as they unleash vicious black and roll at the listener on their new record, Sex With Dead Body. This twisted offering loves to wriggle in the murk and celebrates the inherent insanity of this music. It's over the top and vile, a fitting look into the current state of affairs and a reminder that whatever happens we are all headed towards the same end. There's something refreshing about how crude it is.

There is something deliciously evil about Sex With Dead Body - I mean it makes sense given the title of the record. It's an album that is over the top and wonderfully twisted, they aren't trying to compromise for anyone. Instead Shitfucker revel in the murk, the twisted grime that clings on to their demented brand of black n roll. I've always loved this wonderfully vile American songwriting sentiment, that they are here to twist your face off and show you that underground music is here for your throat, regardless of what you might think. It's easy to get lost in the vile ululations here, after all it's exactly the sort of stuff that their label, Hell's Headbangers, puts out!

Sex With Dead Body is replete with a delectable sense of swagger too. The ministrations on a track like 'Leather Lady Lover' speaks to this sort of demented preacher aesthetic that the band has crafted for themselves. It makes for a really twisted listening experience, one that is only augmented with the usual fucked up horor movie samples. What's not to love? After all - we live in fucked up times, so why not dig into some fucked up music that is going to rag us to hell and back as we go screaming into the void?

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