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Monday, May 11, 2020

Enevelde - S/T

Enevelde is a Misotheist side project from frontman B. Kråbøl. A solo offering through and through, the record does feature guests vocals from K.R. of Whoredom Rife, T. Kråbøl on drums for a song and a guitar solo/lead by Nosophoros of Mare. This all being said, this is a really interesting project that, while not necessarily an extension on Misotheist, certainly seems to offer quite a bit for the listener to fall in love with. Enevelde understand the Norwegian black metal spirit and conjure it up with aplomb.

There are many mesmerizing layers on Enevelde. The albums third track, 'Irrgangen' is perhaps the best example of this with transcendent guitars layering on top of each other to transport the listener to a place of sonic bliss. Meanwhile the epic mysticism of album closer 'Daukjøttet' lures you in with massive synths and then clubs you over the head with blazing black metal guitars. Enevelde showcase a deep understanding of second wave black metal here and inject it with modern touches to make for delightful listening from a project that simply can't help but to capture the imagination of any and all black metal listeners.

This is a fascinating record and one well worth multiple listens. With four tracks coming together for about forty minutes of music the songs are long enough to take you on a journey but make sense as a larger whole. More importantly, Enevelde rarely loses momentum, ensuring that you are going to have something which keeps you wholly engaged from start to finish. This is a potent and passionate record. It's an album that's going to turn heads across the underground and one that has me curious for more! 

Listen to the official teaser here:

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