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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pointed Mutation - Engineering The Unhuman

I've always tried my best to support underground metal from Iran. It's a country that has for a long time tried to suppress alternative music, and any sort of limitations on freedom of creativity should probably be combated against in my view. And so find ourselves listening to Pointed Mutation's new EP, Engineering The Unhuman. While frequently metal from this part of the world is fairly primitive, Pointed Mutation have done an amazing job of crafting some angular and exciting music that captures the imagination.

While there are certainly a few limits with regards to the production, as a general rule, Engineering The Unhuman is a truly exciting and deep listen. There is a magic to the precision riffing here and the deep understanding of the genre that helps to make this thing so good. Throughout the eleven minute EP, Pointed Mutation prove again and again that they are among the best in the world at what they do. They have conjured up a position as masters of their craft and visionaries driving towards a bold future. This is what extreme metal is supposed to be about after all, and Pointed Mutation are certainly pushing their hardest.

There is a very clear passion and energy behind the music here that makes it wonderfully addictive. The band have been able to position themselves not just as masters within Iran, but master of death metal throughout the world. While the band isn't really bringing anything new to the table here, they are doing a great job of delivering some of our favorite death metal tropes at a million miles an hour. Fun, tight and over the top, Pointed Mutation consistently prove that they deserve a place among the greats.

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