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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Enhailer/Black Pyramid - Split

Enhailer and Black Pyramid are two of the more potent bands in the heavy music scene today. Enhailer have been rising out of Ohio for the past few years with their grimy brand of stoner metal. Meanwhile, Black Pyramid have been staples in the scene for over a decade. That being said, this is their first new music in five years, and it promises that still more good things are to come from the Massachussets bringers of the heavy. This is a split for the ages and one that will continually capture the imagination of stoner metal fans.

When Enhailer kick off the split you know you are in for something special. The snarl of a track like 'Drudgery' is a delight to get to listen too with its acrobatic drumming and massive drum sounds. It speaks to the bands ability to conjure up atmospheres of terror and point towards bleak and stunning futures. Meanwhile, Black Pyramid continue to prove that they are among the best to ever do it. Their side of the split is a single stunning fifteen minute long track. It ebbs and flows and generally leaves you scraping your jaw off the floor. This is a thrilling contribution and one which reminds us why Black Pyramid were critical darlings in the first place.

Together these bands have conjured up something that reaches for the stars and continues to impress. It's a record that - while maybe not reinventing the wheel - certainly acts as a confirmation of both acts prodigious talents. There is an ambition here and a searing grwoth that can not be denied. Enhailer and Black Pyramid are in many ways two sides of the same coin. When they come together to bring the heavy what are you going to do other than be in awe of what has been conjured up for us fans?

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