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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mora Prokaza - By Chance

Now this is a truly interesting one. One of the most avant garde bands on Season of Mist, Mora Prokaza is back with a new record. By Chance is an intense record. This is avant garde metal at its finest. Bizarro melodies and off kilter rhythms come together in By Chance for what is being called a fusion of avant garde black metal with trap. It speaks to the bands immense technical skill and desire to reach beyond the realms of normal metal. There are a ton of unique ideas here and approaches I never thought I'd hear, definitely something worth digging into.

The unexpected tilt of a track like 'Madonna' is stunning. The vocal style could almost be described as shriek rapping. It has more in line with $uicide Boy$ or perhaps Ghostemane than Darkthrone. The songwriting approach is also unique. While there are certainly clear cut black metal elements there are also trap hooks one might not expect. I get the sense the album name isn't just a clever title but also a reference to the songwriting - there seems to be serious aleatoric music vibes on tracks like 'Be There'. All of this is coated in a wonderful layer of Belarusian art making for a truly unique offering that just keeps giving.

This is a record I can guarantee I will be telling my friends about. Hell, I've already spoken to a few people about it in the process of drafting this review.  By Chance is a masterful goddamn release and one that frequently borders on the terrifying. Mora Prokaza have taken apart countless metal ideas and crafted them in their own image. Tracks like 'Sorry Man' represent a stunning new way forward for the genre. At some point Season Of Mist was going to have to get into the trap metal game and they found the most 'Season Of Mist' possible way to do it. I love it. 

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