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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Swarming - Primeval Arteries of the Sacred Dead

I always love reviewing extremely limited releases. Primeval Arteries Of the Sacred Dead is one such record. This doom metal epic is limited to a mere fifty cassette tapes being released by the one and only Nihilistic Noise Propaganda. This is a borderline terrifying album with crushing guitar tones and some truly excellent execution throughout. Swarming are playing some truly evil stuff and listening to them bring everything together with their trademark sense of insanity makes for a really compelling offering.

There is something wonderfully demonic about Primeval Arteries Of the Sacred Dead. The primordial well of riffs that they draw from for a track like 'Veins' is mesmerizing. I sit writing this having a rough day, but this record seems to perfectly reflect a lot of that internal bitterness and the struggles I am trying to figure out on the day to day. Swarming have conjured up a sort of twisted new reality. It's hard not to be enamored with their deep and potent insanity. The driving power of the rhythm section and the weird arpeggiated guitar frills come together for something special, mesmerizing and powerful.

Primeval Arteries Of The Sacred Dead is a stunner through and through. This is a band who have a deep understanding of this music and their sludgy conjurations tastefully pull from a variety of genres, from stoner to black metal. Through it all though they manage to maintain the same level of intensity and determination. This is a demented record that refuses to do anything other than go for the throat. Crushingly heavy, demented and constantly looking to the future this is a twisted sound for a new era of doom.

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