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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Aphonic Threnody - The Great Hatred

I've been a fan of Aphonic Threnody for a while now. Their uniquely sad and crushing brand of death doom captured my imagination with 2014's debut, When Death Comes and has resonated through to today. There is something profoundly powerful about their newest offering, the mighty The Great Hatred. This stunning collaboration is a masterclass in what doom metal should be with devastating vocals, minor key guitars and just enough synthesizer padding to keep things interesting. Once you have all that you know you are in for a special treat. 

There is a masterful execution to The Great Hatred that keeps it exciting throughout. Though the record lasts nearly an hour you are left wanting for more. They simply bring so much to the table and the bands raw talent is so incredibly obvious. It's a delight to sink deep into what the band has done here and revel in their tormented layers. The Great Hatred is a stunner through and through. It routinely trumps what was previously thought possible by the band and hints at bold new futures where they manage to take on the world. This is a death doom band of the highest order, in a year defined by great music from the genre, a year that feels like a death doom song itself. 

The Great Hatred is a stunner through and through. There are interlocking layers of might and magic here that will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. Compositionally this is far and away the bands strongest work to date. It's a record that in some ways elevates what death doom can and should be. There is just so much to fall in love with and the vast walls of sound, crushing atmospheres and sense of internal devastation have me in awe. This is a masterpiece and one that I won't soon forget. Join in the magic, it will pluck at the heart strings then drag you to hell. 

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