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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Ecclesia - De Ecclesiæ Universalis

Now this is an interesting one. The trad doom scene often gets lost in itself and loses track of some interesting potential outside influences. This is mercifully not the case with Ecclesia whose new record, De Ecclesiae Universalis is truly potent. Ecclesia are a band who capture the imagination. Their latest offering is a fusion of trad doom with elements of religious music and more forward facing doom ideas most notable sludge metal, but also splashes of black metal. It makes for a bombastic offering with a few nifty interlocking layers. 

There's a lot of really fun elements to this album. The big choruses and high powered solos will keep most trad metal worshipers happy. There also seems to be quite a big influence from the Finnish school of trad doom as well as of course bands like Candlemass and Cathedral. The big flaw of this record is that there are just a few too many moments where it drags. While yes the bombast is cool and needs time to breathe, there are passages that just don't need to be there. Considering the record is right around 45 minutes long that's really saying something. Still - there is enough meat on the bone that most doom fans won't regret delving in. 

At their finest one can get completely immersed in what Ecclesia is doing here. At worst, De Ecclesiae Universalis will make you want to go in with some hefty trimmers. As a general rule though this is a thrilling doom offering that is very much in love with the tropes of old. Ecclesia build nicely on classic ideas routinely reminding us just how good this band can be. This is a record that plays on a lot of great elements. If you're deeply invested in the genre you'll get a lot out of it. It's over the top and powerful - prepare for the magic. 

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