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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Possessed Steel - Aedris


Now this is a fun one! Possessed Steel are a Canadian trad metal band, but rather than committing purely to those tropes they eagerly bring in elements of Canadian prog thrash (A la Voivod or even Obliveon) as well as touches of psychedelic magic. The point being - there is a lot to sink your teeth into with what Possessed Steel are doing here and the vision behind their execution on Aedris is simply delectable. While this debut comes a decade after the bands inception, it seems, to me at least, that it was well worth the wait. 

It's easy to get lost in the spiraling magic of this record and the grandiose power of a track like 'Nobunaga.' The band are clearly committed to a very particular take on the genre. The minute and half long piano intro to the album sets the stage for the triumph that is too come. Now yes, not everything is perfectly dialed in, but it's still really damn good. I'd love to see some more growth in the vocals and at times the guitar tone is a touch flat. Still - this is very hard music to nail and as a general rule, Aedris is a lot of fun to get lost in. Tracks like 'Spellblade' capture the imagination. With its big chorus and high energy guitars its easy to see why people love this band. 

Aedris is a thrilling debut and it leaves listeners curious for more. The band has found a way to conjure up the magic of old and infuse it with new and exciting elements. This is a fresh take on a unique vision and I can't help but to enjoy losing myself in what they've done here. It may not be a perfect take, but it certainly is a fun one. This is a band who understand classic metal tropes but who can also play their faces off. This is a thriller back to front and I'm excited too see where the band go next with their bombastic sound and flashy guitars!

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