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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Warleggion - Knock Me Down

This is an interesting one. The Brazilian metal scene has obviously been turning out heavy metal gems for years. The latest offering in this cycle is the debut full length from Warleggion. Coming two years after their EP, Warleggion, the band has found a few interesting steps forward that set them apart as one of the great true metal bands to come from their country in recent years. While they are certainly some moments that border on the corny, and as a general rule the production is a bit muddy, this is still a very fun listen for metalheads of all stripes. 

There is a certain magic to the hammy side of the band. Yes these moments won't please metal purists, but I don't get the sense that is Warleggions goal. What these guys are trying to do is right heavy metal that is fun and over the top. They tell tales of battles and honor. Days of yore when grand things happened. It provides a nice escape from the ongoing misery that is the Coronavirus pandemic. It's so fun to sink your teeth into the magic of this record and just take a break for a little while. Take the time to enjoy the grandiose weirdness and fun atmospheres that Warleggion so eagerly bring. This is a very earnest record and one that will have fans of the genre enamored. 

Yes, there are tropes here that you've heard before but the tropes are awesome. As a general rule the talent is solid though and with some cleaner production in the future they will be able to position themselves to become something even greater. Warleggion is a strong first offering and one that tells us the band is in a position to start to do more soon if they keep at it and stay serious. There are stripped back elements that need polishing, but in so many ways, Warleggion remind us here why heavy metal is the law - no matter where you're from!

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