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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Mongrel's Cross - Arcana, Scrying And Revelation

Mongrel's Cross are another wonderful product of Australia's amazing underground scene. This record is a truly promising one, it speaks volumes to just how talented the band are and how far they have come as they prepare to release their third full length, Arcana, Scrying And Revelation. This is a masterful offering and a record that captures the imagination with the breadth of the compositions and unique take on the genre. Their blend of war metal, epic metal and thrash makes for a truly fun and over the top listening experience. 

Arcana, Scrying And Revelation manages to impress simply because the band bring so much more to the table with each song than many of their peers. A track like 'Fate Of the Grail PT. II' is absolutely crawling with riffs in its relatively short 6 minute run time. That being said - the production remains fairly bare bones throughout. While on the one hand the 'death metal dungeon' vibe this conjures up is wonderful, on the other, one definitely feels some of the layers of the music get lost because of this . Still - Arcana, Scrying And revelation can't help but to mesmerize with its marriage of the grandiose with the scummy. 

This is a band with a clear vision and an ability to execute that is frequently more than a little impressive. Arcana, Scrying And Revelation sees a band build on classic ideas and hint at dark new futures for the music. There is so much going on here that it practically demands multiple listens if you really want to get at the heart of it. Mongrel's Cross have been able to move forward powerfully and to get lost in the ongoing madness of their music is really to drink from the night itself. It's simply that twisted.

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