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Friday, January 15, 2021

Age Of Woe - Envenom

The blackened punk scene is one I have a lot of affinity for. The sounds of bands like Martyrdod and Lik have really opened my eyes to the sounds some bands can execute if they so choose. Such is the magic of Age of Woe. These songs spit venom and are full of the sort of sublime hate that makes black metal so delectable. Envenom shines because of the breadth of the sound and the overarching sentiment that things will only get worse. The sheer torment on display here is mind boggling and the bands ability to just go for the throat leaves me in awe. 

Age Of Woe's modus operandi is primarily fueled by black metal but the stripped down elements and punishing rhythm section assault makes for a headbanging good time. The blasphemous assault of a track like 'Ljungeld' is a delight to sink your teeth into. There is an overarching sense of bitterness that makes this record such a blast. The mid tempo assault that defines these songs is vaguely brooding. Envenom eagerly drives towards a twisted future for Age Of Woe, and now, three albums into their career it feels like things are starting to really lock in with what is apparently some of the groups greatest material to date. 

It's a delight to lose yourself in the surprisingly well arranged and venom spitting magic of Envenom. Age Of Woe may not be breaking new ground, but in the undernourished world of blackened punk they are another potent voice, fusing ideas and leaving devout listeners like me excited to see what more is to come from the band. Age Of Woe have made a clear effort to expand their music boundaries here and deliver some of their most compelling work to date. To get lost in it is a delight. I am very excited for what's to come.

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