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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Szary Wilk - Wrath

Now this is a veritable monster. Szary Wilk are a mysterious Polish band playing distinctly mid 90s style second wave black metal. Their atavistic sound and morbid fascination with death is a delight to sink your teeth into. It speaks to a band who eagerly conjure up the dark and seem to revel in the inherent madness of his music. There is a tormented might to the band that will entrance you, and the deeper you delve into the triumphant and twisted ululations of the band the further you go towards understanding the glorious evil within. 

Fueled by pagan fires and capturing the imagination with dynamic and powerful songs, their sophomore release, Wrath is a masterful offering. The ideas here are very much tied into the classic concepts of second wave black metal. However, the bands willingness to constantly conjure up dark new images and drive listeners into the pit is delightful. There is a triumphant sense of torment behind the record that makes for compelling listening. Szary Wilk have really done a wonderful job of dissecting all of the most interesting aspects of this band and refining them into something twisted, triumphant and unrelentingly addictive. 

It's a delight to really sink your teeth into Wrath. For those of us deeply acquainted with this breed of black metal, Szary Wilk have found a unique way to inspire the listener. Their invocations are demonic and powerful, the sort of thing that longhairs across the globe will find themselves falling in love with. Wrath is invincible and immaculate. It's a record that reminds us of something truly magnificent that happened in the past and that new great music can still happen in this style. If you are willing to dive in of course...

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