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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Black Sheep Wall - Songs for the Enamel Queen


I've been waiting a long time for this one. Black Sheep Wall have spent six years crafting this utterly crushing new offering Songs For The Enamel Queen. I clearly remember the release of 2015's I'm Going To Kill Myself, which is still in the running for my favorite album art ever. While Songs For The Enamel Queen might not have the same uniquely disturbing artwork, Black Sheep Wall have done an amazing job of positioning themselves as veritable lords of the genre, crafting bone powdering riffs and embracing an overarching sense of internal horror.

Songs For The Enamel Queen is an incredibly human record. It's an album that gets incredibly personal and showcases some of the darker sides of the human experience in an almost eager fashion. This is also a record that really sees Black Sheep Wall broadening their sonic pallet. Tracks like the ten minute plus 'Mr. Gone' experiment with broad acoustic and psychedelic sections. It makes for a uniquely interesting listening experience full of distinct twists and turns and making it an addictive record. Even though the band leans into a sprawling, nearly hour long run time, Songs For The Enamel Queen manages to remain fresh throughout. 

Black Sheep Wall have gone above and beyond with this record. They have captured the imagination and proven definitively that even after a prolonged hiatus, they are among the best in the game. It is an honor and a privilege to immerse yourself in their sheer torment. There are so many gloriously blasphemous ululations that go on to define this record. Layers of grime that interlock to make for a venom spitting offering. Join me in getting truly lost in these Songs For The Enamel Queen. They are twisted but glorious. 

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