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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wesenwille - II: A Material God

The Dutch black metal scene is one I have increasingly grown to love over the last few years. It's a scene full of interesting bands who are obsessed with their cultural and sonic heritage but also who are concretely moving the needle around the genre. II: A Material God is an exciting offering and one that will leave listeners fascinated with the breadth of the composition. While on the one hand it offers some of Wesenwille's heaviest material to date, on the other it explores bold new ideas, bringing in fresh elements for a dynamic listen. 

II: A Material God excels in its ability to double down on a few core tropes of the genre. While I can't help but to be enamored with the balls out brutality of "Inertia," I also love the bass driven meditation of "Ritual." II: A Material God does a thoughtful and well executed job of building on the core concepts Wesenwille presented in their debut and making them ever stronger and more musically interesting. In particular the growth of the melodic sensibilities is exciting. It nicely reflects the overall improvement of the band as songwriters. II: A Material God is a straight ahead go for the throat statement. There is a sense of torment and triumph here that makes for a truly compelling offering. 

Wesenwille have added to the crown of Dutch black metal with this latest offering. The explosive performances and guttural vocals capture the imagination in a storm of blast beats and 'blechs.'II: A Material God may not do a whole ton to reinvent the steel as it where, but it is a magnificent offering that will encourage you to delve deeper into this fantastic band. Twisted and blasphemous, this a record for the true devotees looking for more potent black metal that will capture the imagination even as we go spitting in the face of god. 

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