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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Carcolh - The Life And Works Of Death


You've got to love some well executed trad doom. What I find is that the majority of the time, the music isn't well executed but rather just kind of corny or the musicians arent' sufficiently skilled to really pull it off. Fortunately, Carcolh suffer neither of these common failings and instead have crafted a trad doom in the vein of Candlemass and Solitude Aeternus that would be worthy of Skald. This is a triumphant offering and it's a pleasure to really sink your teeth into the bombastic and epic magic of a band who have gone above and beyond.

The first thing that will strike savvy listeners about Carcolh is just how huge the vocals are. They guide the listener through all this madness and delight in their full throated glory. It gives The Life And Works Of Death an inherent sense of drama worthy of the album name. When paired with epic guitars (Especially with the leads on tracks like 'Sepulchre') one starts to get a sense for just how talented these doom merchants are. Their music is epic in scope and a delight to really lose yourself in. How could you not be entranced with the layers of magic that serve to make this such a compelling and fascinating listen? 

This is doom metal executed in the grand old style, relentlessly exciting and constantly searching for a path through the dark. It's an album you can get lost in and one that speaks to a sort of sublime poetry. The musicianship showcased throughout The Life And Works Of Death is truly impressive and it leaves me thirsty for more. In an era where trad doom is so often ignored or forgotten, to have a band building on these grandiose ideas is a delight. Carcolh manage to truly and deeply impress on The Life And Works Of Death. Will you join their ministrations?

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