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Monday, January 18, 2021

Joey Diabolic - Through Soundwaves Vol IV

I always loved when one piece of art would inspire another in a completely different format. Such is the case with Joey Diabolic's impressive upcoming release, Through Soundwaves Vol 4 which is a loving tribute to the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and the 80s as a whole. Featuring a mix of cover songs and originals, Joey Diabolic seeks to evoke wonderfully bleak ideas on this blood dripping offering. It's a record that builds on classic ideas and reminds us that the unholy spirit of 80s horror will continue to ricochet through the heads of the populace for years. 

Through Soundwaves Vol IV also is exciting in the diversity of sounds presented. While on the one hand you have a surprisingly heavy industrial cover of Judas Priest, on the other you get a distinctly more new wave take on Tuesday Knight. I think it's important to consider the contribution of Mama Doom on this album. She elevates the three tracks she contributes on above and beyond, making them some of the best offerings Joey Diabolic has ever put out. I certainly hope to hear more from that particular collaboration in the future. Through Soundwaves Vol IV really goes to prove how adept Joey Diabolic is at building on a number of classic 80s sounds and it's a delight!

Joey Diabolic has crafted something here that is all but guaranteed to capture the imagination and take you on a creepy ride through 80s shock. While at times the Gen X-isms feel a bit like pandering, in the age of shows like Cobra Kai and Stranger Things isn't this just par for the course? It's a delight to really sink your teeth into the magic of Through Soundwaves Vol IV, even if you, like me, aren't a diehard fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. For those of us who just love industrial music, Joey Diabolic has pulled together something masterful.

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