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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Celestial Sanctuary - Soul Diminished

Let me start off by saying that Celestial Sanctuary has been billed by their label as part of "The New Wave Of British Death Metal." This is - in my humble opinion, exactly the type of gloriously knuckle dragging marketing death metal needs. The best part is that Celestial Sanctuary fucking deliver. Soul Diminished is a skull crusher through and through. It's a record that will grind your bones to dust and repeatedly beat you over the head. This is what death metal was meant to be about in the first place and I fucking love it in all its ignorant glory. 

There is an overarching sense of destruction on Soul Diminished that leaves listeners obsessed. The punch in the gut delivery of the title track for instance will leave you in awe, gasping for air and wondering how you got into this blasphemous place to begin with. The monumental riffage and unique sense of melody makes for a distinct and deeply enjoyable listen. The high power execution here is a veritable swing of the axe, decapitating listeners where they stand and forcing them to choke on the bitter pill of death metal slaughter. It sees Celestial Sanctuary delivering at a very high level and proving they can indeed spearhead a movement of British death metal. 

Eager to delve into the mid tempo stuff, but also unafraid to speed it up and melt some faces, Celestial Sanctuary are a one of a kind death metal force. Soul Diminished is a monster offering that will leave you in awe. It may not be reinventing the steel, but thats not really the point. This is an album that goes for the throat at a million miles an hour and leaves you choked out, begging for more from these absolute soul grinders. Soul Diminished is a masterful offering from these British death merchants and I am eager for more. 

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