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Monday, January 25, 2021

The Sombre - Into The Beckoning Wilderness

Now this is a masterful one. The Sombre is yet another project from the one and only Maurice De Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of Altering, Golden Ashes). Their debut album Into The Beckoning Wilderness was initially limited to only 50(!) copies. Now this masterwork is finally getting a proper worldwide release on Chaos Records. Into The Beckoning Wilderness is a potent and beautiful doom metal offering. It's a tear jerking record that will capture the imagination and warmly guide you into the cold nighted abyss. 

Into The Beckoning Wilderness is perhaps most notable because of its willingness to pay tribute to the influence of the Peaceville three. All throughout this record one can hear heavy overtones of the epic orchestrations of Anathema, the riffs of Paradise Lost and the deep, heartfelt emotion of My Dying Bride. It's a real treat to immerse yourself into the magic of this album as it warms your heart with rich guitar tones and lyrics that tug at the heart strings. The Sombre have managed to illuminate listeners with their grandiose compositions and top tier songwriting. There is a transcendent poetry behind the band and it's hard to deny its might. 

The Sombre have unleashed what is one of my favorite heavy records of the year thus far. It perfectly pulls from classic influences without really aping those bands. It hints at bolder futures but also reminds us time and time again that some of the doom metal greats need to be remembered. This is a deeply emotional offering and one that shows a new side of Maurice De Jong's songwriting ability. For those of us who have been enamored with this breed of doom metal from the start it is a truly rewarding listen worth coming back too.

Pre-order the album! 

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