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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Kankar - Dunkle Millennia

Now this is a nifty one - Kankar are a Thuringian black metal band with a distinct sense of melody and some truly impressive second wave of black metal songwriting. Their approach on their debut album, Dunkle Millennia is thrilling. It's the sort of broad facing and truly interesting black metal that will leave devout fans utterly mesmerized with their constant triumph. This is German black metal done right, full of thoughtful assaults on the senses and an overarching sentiment that Kankar just might rip out your throat. It's that good. 

The overarching sentiment one gets from Dunke Millennia is just how good Kankar are as songwriters. There are surprisingly massive hooks on this album for a black metal band whose main influences draw from 90s titans. Tracks like 'Zerfall des Lichts' have an almost Immortal-esque sense of swagger and the same addictive nature behind the riffs. The execution here is top tier and it resonates throughout the music from the quality of the guitar tone to the impressive performances found throughout. Kankar have found a unique way to build on ancient legacies and prove that their brand of Thuringian black metal deserves a spot among the greats .

Dunkle Millennia is an impressive debut offering from a band who are not afraid to showcase some sonic fireworks. It's a pleasure to really sink your teeth into what they are doing and to writhe in the murk that they create. This is epic and emotionally powerful black metal of a very high caliber. Few bands can really lean into the high level execution and jaw dropping delivery that Kankar so eagerly unveil on Dunkle Millennia. It may only be January, but Kankar have a reasonable case as one of the premier underground black metal debuts of the year!

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