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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Demiser - Through The Gate Eternal


Blackened thrash is one of my favorite genres of metal. It's also a dramatically under-manufactured genre of metal. Seriously - the world needs more bands like Demiser, who, as you may have gathered, I am writing about today. You see - I had a rough morning, and not just because of the ongoing biblical plague. But, I threw on Demiser and a couple minutes later I'm headbanging away and having a whale of a time. Their new record, Through The Gate Eternal is a masterful offering that really fuses the best of both genres. Also it has a song called 'Warfuck Demon Lust' which, let's be honest, is a great name for a song. 

This record is a blast both because of its glorious obsession with evil (See: "Warfuck Demon Lust") but also the sheer power of the riffs. There are moments of black metal, moments of Bay area thrash, and then entire other passages where the riff styles are fused. Invocations of hellfire abound as the band ricochet from peak to peak, capturing the imagination and definitely proving that they are among the great blackened thrash heroes of our time. This is a high energy record that you can't help but to headbang too. It's simply a blast through and through. Honestly - the fact that you can tell the band members are having fun as well only adds to this. 

Through The Gate Eternal is blackened thrash at its finest, thirsty for blood and excited to rip off your face. It sees the band running at a million miles an hour and fusing genres in a flawless way. The bands overarching mastery of both thrash and black metal is apparent throughout this release and it's really a treasure to sink your teeth into the offering here. Through The Gate Eternal is a delight to spend time with and the more you immerse yourself into the take-no-prisoners magic of this band the quicker you realize, Demiser are here for your throat. 

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