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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Aborym - Hostile

Now this is an interesting one. Aborym have always operated on the fringes. Their industrial metal sound started as very lack metal inspired but now has shifted into something much different. The music unveiled on Hostile is much more open to pop moments and Nine Inch Nails-esque bombast. Aborym have found a distinct way to fascinate listeners and craft music that leaves you completely in awe at the scale of its immaculate conception. Multi-layered and thoughtfully executed, Hostile is an absolute crusher of an offering. 

There is a breadth to the performance on Hostile that goes far above and beyond any previous works from the band. Tracks like 'Horizon Ignited' are much more rock songs than having even the slightest thing to do with black metal. The vocal performances throughout are impressive. While I suspect a bit of studio trickery here and there, as a general rule they are refreshingly human and, along with the guitars, provide a fitting counterpoint to the off kilter electronic beats that define so much of the music that you hear here. It makes for a delightful listen with lots of layers that are a real delight to piece together one transcendent moment at a time. 

It's a delight to really immerse yourself into Hostile. There are performances here that delight and an overarching darkness that serves to make it one of the bands most interesting releases to date. This is a record that seems to continually point to bold new futures and builds on the bands past in unexpected ways. Hostile is a real delight to spend time with and really sink your teeth into. The band has captured what makes their unique brand of heavy industrial rock special and have now fully embarked on a new sonic journey. 

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