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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Nachtig - Der Stille Wald

This is a truly great black metal album. While I have always enjoyed what comes out on Purity Through Fire, Der Stille Wald is on another level. This is black metal done right, with big symphonic padding and transcendent guitar lines. There is a respect for the power of the German forest imbued in this album that is one of a kind and truly captivating. The mesmerizing power of what Nachtig has done here is incredible, a real proof positive of the incredibly skill of the man behind the music V.V. who is also known for his work in Valosota Varjoon and Cosmic Burial. 

Der Stille Wald captures the imagination because of the simple poetry and execution of these songs. Tracks like "Wenn die Hoffnung stirbt..." are full of incredible melancholy and sorrow. It's the sort of thing that leaves you wondering what good future could even exist.The overarching melancholy of this record and the cinematic production makes for an addictive listen from a band who truly understand the dark ambient black metal aesthetic that they are trying to conjure up. It's a deeply emotional listen and one that is going to keep you coming back time and time again. I can't help but to fall in love with what Nachtig is doing. 

Join me and immerse yourself in the magic of Der Stille Wald. It's a record that seems to continually drive towards sorrowful futures and one that will take over your mind. This is the rare band with a deep understanding of this genre and an eagerness to prove time and time again that they are among the best to ever do it. Der Stille Wald is an early highlight in a year that I predict will be full of great black metal projects. Will you join us and once more fall in love with the strange and transcendent poetry of what's been crafted here? 

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