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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Valosta Varjoon - Das Flammenmeer

Now this is an interesting one. Yesterday I wrote about Nachtig, another project from the one and only V.V. While Nachtig leaned more into atmospheric and powerful black metal, Valosa Varjoon is a much rawer project that focused on monochromatic soundscapes and a sound more tied into the nihilist side of German black metal. The focus here is the hooks which are crafted into hypnotic and mesmerizing offerings that make for some truly exciting listening. The breadth of these compositions is delicious and the bands ambition is clear from the first. 

The thing about Das Flammenmeer is that even though it is relatively minimalist it still nicely feeds into the transcendent vibes that help to make this music so compelling in the first place. There are layers of magic here and an overarching sense that this band has an emotional power that few of their peers could even begin to compare too. There is an intensely personal side to this relese too. You find yourself uncovering weird and methodical layers the deeper you delve. The sense of simple poetry borders on the sublime and continually hints at a strange new world that lies just beyond the eponymous ocean of flame. 

Valosta Varjoon is a truly impressive project and while this record does not resonate with me on the emotional level that Nachtig does, I still can't help but to be delighted with what is going on within the layers of Das Flammenmeer. It's an album with a distinct flavor and it shows some clear growth from V.V as a songwriter. While none of the ideas are completely new, Valosta Varjoon finds a way to express deep emotions using a template that many of us have been enamored with for decades. What more could you want?

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